ways to become an amazing friend
We all know the saying “no man is an island”. Friendship is one of the best gifts offered to mankind and having good friends that truly love and care for you is very vital for a healthy mental space. A good friendship isn’t a one-way street though, you need to be
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10 Ways For Busy People To Keep Fit
If you work a full-time job or you have kids then you know that life can get very busy and it can get difficult to give your body the full attention it needs. Getting the chance to sit down and enjoy a proper meal may become more of a daydream than
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keep your marriage strong and exciting
A new marriage is exciting and very passionate. Just the idea of having a spouse alone gives you a gripping feeling and feels your stomach with butterflies. The truth is that the honeymoon phase of marriage has a timeline and will eventually come to an end. Things begin to get more
get everything you want in life
Is it possible to get whatever you desire in life? Is there some magic wand that you could wave to bring all your biggest dreams to real life? It’s possible to get the things you want in life or at least most of them but believe me, there is no magic
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“Had I known”; this is still one of the most common phrases spoken by people today. It’s normal to have regrets now and then but some can be avoided by making the right decisions and changing some ways and characters. A little mistake can cost you a great deal and even
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You can Cultivate the body through Iyengar Yoga. Yoga can be adapted and can be applied, depending on the character of the person, to a more sporting practice, to a practice of physical cultivation, but it can also be applied to a therapy, to a medicine. Yoga can be practiced as
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It is interesting how we get used to using extremely sophisticated tools, contenting ourselves with knowing the result they generate and the way they are used. Completely ignoring its configuration or content, computers, GPS, and other multiple devices that facilitate modern life, are of daily use even in the lives of
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There are 3 major types of diabetes; type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy).  Diabetic coma can occur when one has type 2 diabetes, this can also put you at risk of other deadly diseases such as heart failure and heart attacks. Type 2 diabetes is very common,
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knowing yoga
The term Yoga originates from India; it is a 5000-year-old practice that deals in the healing of the mind and body. Yoga has become widely popular in today’s world with a few modifications to it of course. What was once an ancient Indian philosophy is now practiced around the world as
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finding inner peace
Everything we do whether it is chasing wealth or trying to make one personal change or the other somehow still connects to us finding peace. Peace is the most sought-after phenomenon and sometimes the desperate search for peace can make you make a mistake that takes it away even further. Surveys
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