14 Signs That Confirm A Man Is Falling In Love With You


How can you tell if he’s falling for you? Are you at a stage with your partner where you keep wondering if he truly has feelings for you? There’s some evidence that he loves you, but you’re not sure? You’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the 14 most obvious signs your man is falling head over heels for you, or signs that he secretly likes you but he is hiding it. But first, let’s look at the physical signs and traits that are common that a man shows when he is more interested in a woman for the long run.

It can be difficult for you to know what a man is feeling or thinking, but if he is the type of person who protects or bottles up his feelings, you may think that there is absolutely no way to find out. The good news is that there is a way, the following are signs you can look out for to know if he is really into you.

He wouldn’t even know that he is acting differently. Read to find out if your man shows any of these features in his body language and what you can do to unleash his love and passion for good.

1. He Adopts Some Of Your Gestures

man in love

A great way to know your man is in love with you is how his behavior begins to reflect your behavior. He may not even know that it is happening, but his mind records some of your subtle gestures and he begins to exhibit them. He will pick things like the way you wave or squint, even the way you laugh, and begin to do them just like you.

The same thing can happen with words. The common phrases you use will be repeated by him often and you will see him repeating some of your silly expressions as well. It may seem small and easy to overlook, but the meaning is powerful. When he copies your gestures, it shows that he is comfortable around you and is satisfied with your company.

When you notice this, it will make you feel closer to him too. By him imitating your words or actions, you are effectively taking your place in his life as his woman. He is trying to understand life from your perspective, that should make you feel more intimate with him.

2. He Naturally Leans Towards You

When it comes to personal space, it never feels intrusive when love is involved. When you are in love, the desire to be with your partner increases.

So if you see your man standing next to you all the time or always within the range of your personal space when you’re together, don’t get mad, the truth is that these are unconscious love signals and he is at that point where he’s really comfortable with you and possibly in love with you.

Through his body language and advances, he inadvertently sends a lot of signals to let you know that he wants both a romantic and physical relationship with you. This can be a perfect sign of a man being in love with you, the lack of personal space will surely increase and become more common when a man loves you.

3. He Always Tries To Look Good For You

Your man wants to be admired by you. So, he always tries to look and smell good whenever he’s meeting you. You may not be able to know it for a fact, but check if he’s always thoroughly kempt when he is with you.

Over time, you will know more about the effort he makes when meeting you than when he’s just hanging out with his other friends.

4. He Constantly Makes Eye Contact With You

This begins from the very first day you meet, your eyes play an important role in developing a bond with the person you spend time with. When you keep up eye contact with your partner, it makes them feel they have your full attention and they will trust you more than someone who can’t look into their eyes for a while.

A chemical is also believed to be released when we look at our partner for a long time, It’s called phenylethylamine. This is the hormone released when you begin to like someone and the feeling of love begins to get stronger.

When a man is in love and stares into your eyes, even when you’re having a random conversation, he would not be able to control his emotions. Most people are afraid of looking into other people’s eyes for a long time. So, if your man can’t stop looking into yours, it is a great sign that he feels safe around you and has fallen deeply in love with you.

5. He Just Can’t Stop Staring At You

What do people focus on when they are in love? Well, it really comes down to the attraction your partner feels. If a man looks at you it’s because you look attractive and likes what he sees. One thing to keep in mind when looking is involved is that it matters where and what he is looking at. When he focuses on your face, you can be sure that he is love-struck and wants to see more of you.

Sometimes he’ll be conscious of it and sometimes he won’t. His eyes will follow your every move as he longs for you, trying to figure you out. Its quite easy to catch him in the act, next time you leave the table in a restaurant to go to the bathroom, quickly look back to see if he’s watching you.

6. He Is Always Excited When You Are With Him

Love has had a strong effect on the brain that gives you the same buzz you get when you use cocaine. It is a strong emotion that can lead to all kinds of acts.

The first moment you give love to your man, his world lights up like a casino, everything becomes better and you can just feel the pure joy that radiates through him. It sounds strange, but what your man may not notice is that a lot of chemical changes are going on inside him.

These changes include the release of high levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in the system, which stimulates us and makes us happy and relaxed. The release of dopamine is a natural way for our bodies to repay itself. Hence, it’s not surprising that the feeling of falling in love can be addicting. But it’s also a logical reason why he can’t control his excitement when you are around. Just coming close to him can tap into his deepest feelings of joy and happiness.

7. He Can’t Get His Hands Off You

This is a powerful sign of a man’s physical attraction to you. You will notice that his touches last longer than they did at the beginning. Unlike before, he keeps his hands on your body for longer periods, it’s not ordinary, it means he has more feelings for you than you may realize.

He may not even be aware of it, he is just looking for ways to bring you closer to him. He wants to touch you in a way that shows he’s not just all about lust. He wants to connect with you on a deeper level through these touches.

8. He Sweats A Lot When You Are Around Him

Okay, nobody likes to sweat especially in the presence of someone you have a crush on or somebody you’re in love with but in this case, there’s more to it.

Research has shown that sweat can actually be attractive, especially the smell of fresh sweat. Pheromones are released when men sweat, and that is what attracts women. However, the time frame of that attraction is short. Once the fresh sweat stays too long or mixes with other scents, it becomes so unappealing and it can be gross.

You should know that your man will often sweat when he’s around you. In cases where he is excited, aroused, or nervous, he sweats even more. It’s just the natural way the body deals with different situations and whether it’s gross or not, it can be a great sign that your man is really into you.

9. He Protects And Defends You Every time

man in love with you

Another way a man can express clearly that he loves you is when he always tries to protect you.

This can come in small gestures, such as giving you his jacket when it’s cold or walking you to your car at night. What matters is that he wants to take care of you and ensure your well-being, especially when you are with him. It’s the psychological instincts that prompt him to protect you.

Whether it’s protecting your family, friends, the weak and elderly, or kids, there is something that encourages us and makes us happy when we look out for and protect others. When you include romantic feelings, it will be inevitable and natural for him to want to keep you safe.

10. He Pays Full Attention To You

These days, it is very easy to get distracted, there are a lot of things that can make ones mind sway so it’s quite hard getting a person’s full attention.

A distraction every now and then is not so bad, however, you will know that he is in love with you when he never gets distracted or allows distractions when he is around you. Whatever conversation you’re having, whether he likes it or not, he will focus on listening to you, that’s how you know that he really cares about you.

One way he shows this is by putting his phone aside. He wouldn’t want his phone to be a form of distraction when he is talking with you or when you’re both carrying out an activity. Also, it can be very beneficial to have someone pay attention to what you say. Not only will you be happy, but you will know that he listens carefully to you and understands you better.

11. You Seem To Take His Breathe Away

Apart from all the excitement you will see coming from him, you may find that your man’s breathing becomes faster when he’s around you. He may have a shy countenance in front of you and he may seem nervous, when you give him a compliment his heart races even faster.

Our breathing is somewhat intertwined with our emotions. The way we breathe affects our emotions, and our emotions affect the way we breathe. This can be quite hard to detect, but you can see it if your man is slightly breathing heavier and faster than before.

12. He Wants To Display His Affection In Public

These days, relationships become official as soon as you go public. This means that in public places you must show how affectionate you both are towards each other and all that cute stuff.

A clear indication that he loves you is when he is comfortable enough to hold your hand, put his hand around your waist, or kiss you in front of everyone. He wouldn’t mind PDA (public display of love) neither would he care who sees.

Many people avoid PDA until they are sure that the person they are seeing is really who they want to be with. Once he falls in love with you, every doubt he once had will be far away and he will feel more comfortable being with you in public.

Well, there you have it! Check if your man shows any of these traits and enjoy your new-found love. Whether or not you are sure about his feelings, now there is something to help you detect and open up to the love of your partner.

Trying to find out if someone loves you or not as simple as it sounds, but hopefully, the tips in this article will help you figure out how your man feels about you. Everyone responds differently when it comes to love, you should let your partner express their feelings in their own time and in their own way. Good luck!

13. Some Things You Say Make Him Nervous

When it comes to love, feelings of insecurity are common – the idea of being vulnerable and the strong flow of passion can leave a person feeling a little frustrated. Your partner may become nervous when certain topics arise, mostly topics that concern both of you.

He may feel embarrassed if you aren’t ready to date him or if you don’t feel the same way about him. You can test this easily by bringing up a topic that is related to both of you and your relationship, watch his reaction to see if he gets nervous.

14. He Will Want To Be Your Hero

As I said earlier, men naturally want to protect women. It’s called the ‘Hero Instinct’. Research has shown that the release of testosterone makes men think and feel they’re supposed to protect their women. If your man is very protective of you and also always makes sure that you are secure when an unfavorable situation arises, It shows that he loves you.

Psychologically, your man wants to be your hero. It’s just the way men are wired. The truth is that a man who doesn’t feel you need him or he can be your hero will find it hard to fall in love with you. He wants to see himself as a protector.

Of course, women are naturally strong and don’t need anyone to save them. But if you want to keep a man, you must make him feel like your hero because it’s rooted in their biology. They always want to keep you safe