15 Traits That Show You Are A loner

traits of a loner

Let me start by saying that being a loner isn’t a bad thing like some people may believe. A loner is someone who prefers spending time on their own to participating in social activities. Because people have misconceptions about the term “loner” it is believed that they are unhappy and miserable but in reality, these people are very happy, they just prefer finding that happiness within themselves.

Also, research shows that people that spend more time alone are more organized and have higher intelligence than social butterflies. Being a loner is quite different from being an introvert, a loner likes to stay away from social activities for some time while an introvert is someone who finds socializing psychologically exhausting.

It is possible to be both a loner and an introvert. Loners enjoy their own company but they are also cool people to be around. Here are some traits you may either possess as a loner or notice in a loved one who is.

1. High level of self-awareness

While most people would rather neglect their feelings, loners accept theirs and are sensitive to their feelings. Because of this, they are also aware of other people’s feelings and treat them as such. If you’re going through a phase of depression be rest assured that that loner friend of yours is the one likely to help you get through it.

2. They are loyal

Loners do not necessarily need the companionship of others, but they have and value friendship. The moment they take a liking to someone, they will want to keep them close. They are the most loyal kinds of friends to keep because they respect relationships. Almost every aspect of their relationships works because of this trait.

3. High level of sensitivity

A very clear sign of being a loner is they have a very high level of sensitivity. It’s not easy to feel what everyone else is feeling and sympathize with them on the same level but this comes naturally to a loner. They look for the bright side in every situation and always try to find a solution to whatever may be bothering their loved ones.

4. They never get too attached

You would always choose to do things your way even if you’re in a committed relationship with someone because you never want to depend on anyone. Depending on people is something you avoid all the time and even when you need to, you feel uncomfortable asking for help. You know you’re competent and you want everyone to know that as well.

5. They are people of integrity

A loner knows right from wrong and always tries to be on the right path. They have integrity and will stand up for whatever is just. Even when other people are being treated unjustly, they defend them. They hate being insulted or humiliated, they don’t do that to people and won’t accept it from anyone either.

6. Very intuitive

When it comes to making decisions, they trust their instincts. There is something about these people that makes them almost always right. They don’t cower when it’s time to make difficult decisions because they know their gut feelings will make the right call and they are satisfied with whatever they decide.

7. They love setting boundaries

Loners have and know their worth, they are highly principled and value respect. They know what is acceptable and what isn’t so they regard other people’s space and expect the same from people. A loner will stay away from anyone who doesn’t respect boundaries, it upsets them to the core when their boundaries are crossed.

8. They value time

To a loner, time is of great essence, it is one of the most important things to them. They value time so much and believe this is the key to success. They do not appreciate it when their time is wasted and they hate pretenders. If you’re an honest and straightforward person you will likely be a loner’s most treasured friends.

9. Reliability

Because loners are people of integrity, they stand by their promise and will do anything to make sure they fulfill it. They never stand people up and when they do they beat themselves up about it for weeks even if it was beyond their control. You can rely on them and trust that they will come through for you.

10. Open-mindedness

Although they love being alone, they are very flexible people. They are always open to new ideas and adventures. They are very open-minded and are up for any new escapade. If it involves a lot of people, they will always escape to find some peace alone once in a while but will come back to enjoy the event.

11. They avoid gossip and negativity

One thing a loner really hates is talking about people behind their back, they’re just not interested in that. They hate toxic situations and stay away from them. Gossiping and bringing other people down is a huge waste of time to them, remember time is one of the things they value most. You will hardly ever catch them in a gathering where something like that is going on.

12. Better performance alone

They work a lot better when they’re alone, the presence of other people distract them. They find it hard to work with even the slightest bit of noise. They are a lot more productive when they work in a quiet space on their own and it will show in their work.

13. They hate the chatter

Again, a loner’s biggest value is time so they really can’t deal with small talk. To them, it’s meaningless and doesn’t get you anywhere. They will rather enjoy the silence than have to deal with the unnecessary small questions which makes them seem unfriendly. This is one of the reasons people see loners as snubs and avoid them. The truth is that they will rather get into a deep conversation with you to get to know you better.

14. Level headedness

They spend so much time on their own, so they get to assess and analyze situations properly. That is why they always seem calm and collected with so much confidence that can be noticed by everyone. They hardly ever make hasty decisions or take impulsive actions, every plan must be thought about deeply before being executed.

15. They are content

Most times, loners are happy with where they are at in life. The small things make them happy and they don’t seek or need other people’s approval. They won’t go out of their way to do what others are doing and don’t care about the hustle for the latest trends. They’re just happy being who they are.