18 Effective Ways To Overcome Your Fears

overcoming fear

Overcoming fear can be one of the toughest tasks ever. Most times we allow our fears to get the better of us because we’re too scared to fail which causes us not to try at all.

It’s just one big circle and a lot of people are caught in it. Whatever your fears may be, you will never get over them if you don’t face them head-on. Here are 18 essential ways you can deal with these fears and overcome them.

1. Be aware

This is the first step you have to take if you must overcome your fears. You have to know that the fear exists and that it is a problem for your mental well-being. Don’t shove the thought of it away, become fully aware of it, and prepare to fight it.

2. Put a name to it

You would be surprised how much naming your fears can help in conquering them. Know the exact thing you’re afraid of and say it out loud or write it down. Now it becomes a thing you can deal with rather than just an abstract idea that you don’t know how to begin with.

3. Acceptance

Now you know what exactly you’re up against, accept it. Instead of pushing it away or guilt-tripping yourself, understand that everybody else has fears too. Agree that it is a disturbance to you and face it.

4. Be patient      

Be careful not to make hasty decisions because of fear. Be patient with yourself, take a moment to analyze the situation, and then come to a healthy conclusion. Don’t just rush to what looks like the right call, be sure it is.

5. Relax your mind

Fear has a way of boxing up the mind; when you’re afraid, it becomes difficult to think and function. Take a little break or do something small; take a short walk or play a game. Distract yourself for a while so that you can be physically and mentally calm.

6. Talk to somebody

Talking feels good but not when it comes to our faults or fears. This is still because of fear; the fear of being judged. Look for the appropriate person to talk to instead of letting it weigh heavily on you.

7. Read a book

Find a book on your fears and read about it. You may learn things that you never knew could weed out your fears easily and fast. There are various motivational books that cover almost every topic of life, look for books that are related to your situation, educate yourself, and get inspiration from them.

8. Watch your diet

It might sound crazy but what you eat plays a huge role in the way we think and function. Try to keep your diet healthy and eat more natural foods, keep your system clean. Moreover, this eliminates one major fear almost everyone experiences, the fear of being sick and unhealthy.

9. Breath through it

No, don’t hold your breath, fear can do that to you, get you so anxious that your heart begins to race really fast. When this happens remember to breathe. Breathe in and out deeply and slowly and relax your mind. There are a lot of breathing exercises, pick one, and practice it.

10. Assume the worst

Imagine the worst thing that could happen in a situation when you’re afraid of something. Chances are it’ll most likely end with you getting back on your feet and moving on. Most times the worst that you’re afraid of won’t even happen, even if it does you’ve already thought of what to do and how to handle it.

11. Find a guide

Look for someone who has been through the same fear and has overcome it, reach out to them and ask how they got over it, and apply the same tips, hopefully, they will work for you too.

12. Stay positive

Whenever you get the thoughts of fear, think the opposite. Think of positive ways that situation could end instead of the horrors surrounding it. Staying positive and saying positive things attract positivity to you.

13. Be thankful

A great technique to overcome your fears is to show gratitude. That’s right; whenever there is a cause for fear it means there is also an opportunity around the corner. Be thankful for that opportunity and focus on it, keep your eyes on the price.

14. Do away with perfectionism

This is one of the things that cause fear; the need to be or appear perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect life so stop waiting for the perfect time or the perfect job or the perfect partner. If you look closely you will discover that perfectionism is just postponement but in a way that makes you feel good about it.

15. Consider a change

You may be going through anxiety because of a project you’ve failed multiple times at. While it’s nice to get up and try again it’s also important that you analyze the reason for the constant failure and think about trying something new, the project may just not be right for you.

16. Write them down

If you keep thinking over your fears, you will only get more confused about them. Write them down and also keep records of the things you did that helped alleviate them. Writing feels just like talking too, you will feel a lot more relieved after writing down your fears.

17. Appreciate yourself

Whenever you finally overcome a fear, celebrate it. Do something nice for yourself, something you like. Reward your efforts and encourage yourself to do more.

18. Seek professional help

Seeing an experienced therapist is extremely helpful. If you feel like you have been suffering from fear and anxiety for a while, get professional help. Some treatments are very helpful; it could even be traditional treatments like acupuncture.

Fear is what holds us back the most, that’s why it is very important we face it and overcome it once and for all. Don’t avoid taking risks, push yourself, and take charge. Whenever you feel afraid, apply any of the tips above and turn those fears into achievements.

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