20 Choices You Make Now That Will Cause You Regret

“Had I known”; this is still one of the most common phrases spoken by people today. It’s normal to have regrets now and then but some can be avoided by making the right decisions and changing some ways and characters. A little mistake can cost you a great deal and even hunt you for the rest of your life.

Some mistakes you make now can make the people around you have a negative perception about you and begin to avoid you like a plague. Feelings of regret and the thought of all the things you could have done differently can throw you into a deep state of depression even up to old age. There is no sort of fulfillment living a life of regret and wishing you could go back in time so the best you can do is try to get it right in the present.

I have made a list of some of the things that will cause you to regret now or in the future, take note of them and make the necessary changes this moment so you can live a life free of the ordeals that follow regret.

1. Ignoring your physical and mental well-being to chase after material possessions never ends well in the long run because you will be too sick or too old to enjoy all the riches you’ve amassed.

2. Focusing on problems you cannot change will only entrap you and deter you from moving forward; accept them, let them go, and move on.

3. Having a narrow mind is one of the worst things that can happen to your mindset. Be open-minded and ready to learn from new perspectives.

4. Neglecting the things you love will make you look back in time and wish that you took the time to do them. Don’t just pass through life, make sure that you live!

5. Taking jobs and opportunities only for the money will make you live a life of unfulfillment and regret, you may never find happiness doing those things or you may wish you hadn’t gotten into them in the first place.

6. Taking actions out of rage and impulse has an effect of immediate regret. The moment you calm down you will feel it and depending on how much damage you’ve done, the regret may linger for a long time.

7. Bottling up your feelings will only leave them as what they are- feelings. When you tell people how you feel whether about a certain subject, about how you love them, or that they hurt you, only then can change be made for your good.

8. Living in the past is one of the things that can put you in a mental cage and hold you back, even longer than you may realize. Living your life according to your past regrets will only lead to more regret. Forgive yourself and the people that hurt you and let go.

9. Passing up opportunities due to laziness or without a good-enough reason is surely going to make you look back and drown yourself in regret.

10. Postponing your passion is a very large regret magnet because there will never be a right time to get into it. You have to start now no matter what.

11. If you are quick to cut people off, sorry to say but you’re headed for a deep dive in the pool of regret. It’s very okay to break off toxic relationships but be careful not to cut ties with your friends and loved ones at every little altercation.

12. Betraying the trust of the people that believe in you even in the slightest way will come back to hurt you in the worst way possible. Be it letting a secret slip out or flaking when you’re needed, it is one of the fastest ways to live a very lonely life.

13. If you’re always being cold and insensitive to the people around you, understand that nobody wants to be around a sadist, even you. When everyone starts evading you like some sort of curse, regret and depression will set in. Be tactful and treat people with respect.

14. Binge eating! is a very common one and the regret is quite immediate as well, not to mention the long-term regret you will feel when those extra pounds start stacking up. Treat your body right and try to always make healthy choices.

15. Living by other people’s standards will only waste your best years. Find yourself, your path, your own standard of living, and work towards it. Don’t allow someone’s opinion of what you should get in your way. As long as you’re on the right path, keep moving.

16. Not keeping legal documents can cause you a lot of regrets and for a very long time too. This one can actually stick with you for a lifetime. It’s easy to get carried away when you’re going into new ventures especially with people you trust. However, it’s advisable to keep records of everything right from start to finish, let there be a written and registered legal agreement between every party involved.

17. Allowing your fears rule you will stop you from doing things and taking steps that will improve your life. If you don’t face your fears, you will remain in a spot and that is very detrimental to your mental well-being and can put you in a state of severe depression. At some point, you would look back and wish you took all those chances while you could.

18. Excessive spending is another mistake that could cause regret and pain. Learn to save and don’t put yourself in debt trying to please other people. Whatever reason you’re overspending, whether it’s an old habit or you’re just trying to show that you’re a big spender, understand that there will be rainy days and that’s when the regret will begin.

19. Living life without a proper plan and purpose will have you confused and disoriented. You have only one life so live it to the fullest; while this is true, its message has been greatly misinterpreted over time.  If you’re truly going to live a fulfilled life, you must have a plan and purpose, something that keeps you going, a passion, or a dream to pursue.

20. Perfectionism is just postponement that makes you feel better about yourself. Always waiting for the perfect time, the perfect partner, or the perfect job will only make you miss out on a lot of great chances. The truth is that most times you don’t even have an idea what these perfect opportunities look like so it’s likely that you will make the costly mistake of going for horrible options covered in glitter.

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