20 Ways To Become An Amazing Friend

ways to become an amazing friend

We all know the saying “no man is an island”. Friendship is one of the best gifts offered to mankind and having good friends that truly love and care for you is very vital for a healthy mental space. A good friendship isn’t a one-way street though, you need to be a wonderful friend to your friends as well. to be an amazing friend, you must make the effort to show it.

True friendship requires a lot of genuine giving- your time, attention, support, and even gifts. A healthy friendship requires respect and setting respectful boundaries as well. It is a known fact that people with higher qualities of relationships are happier in life. A true friend loves you for who you are and is ready to show it by both big and small gestures.  There are qualities that true friends possess, you too can have these qualities as a friend and teach your friends to be better by setting an example for them. These are 20 ways you can become an amazing friend.

Keep it real

keep it real

when you’re always trying to come off as someone or something you’re not, you push the right kind of friends away. People can really see through fakeness so it’s better you keep it real with your friends. Let them know who you really are and everything you stand for.

Be loyal

loyalty is very important in every relationship whether it’s with your family, your romantic partner, and yes, your friends. Don’t give your friends any reason to doubt your loyalty to them, be ready to show them you’re on their side no matter what.

Be an excellent listener

an excellent listener

pay attention to your friends when they speak, listen to them. Imagine pouring out your heart to someone but they pick up their phone and start texting, that can hurt your soul and make you never want to share anything with them again. Listen to them without trying to give advice and when they’re done, ask if you can chip in your 2 cents.

Tell them even the hard truth

don’t be afraid to tell your friends the truth, even the bitter ones, in the end, you’re only helping them out of love. The short term pain they will feel after hearing the truth will be way less than the betrayal they will feel when they find out you lied to them or kept quiet about something that would have saved them.

Be there for them

through thick and thin, be there for your friends. Just sitting with people in silence when they’re down can go a long way. Don’t just show up when all is well and rosy, be there in the difficult times as well.

Protect them

being good friends means having each other’s backs in times of need. Protect your friends by being honest with them. Sometimes they may find it hard to make the right decisions, be a sort of guide to them, and be willing to make tough calls on their behalf.

Be reliable

your friends should be able to count on you and have faith in you. If you’re always flaking on them and giving excuses, chances are they will withdraw from you and with time you will find that you have no friends left. Honor your arrangements with them and keep every promise you make, most importantly don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Be a source of joy

people love being around those that can make them happy. Get to know and understand your friends, know the things that make them happy. Time flies when you’re having fun and doing the things that make you happy, let them notice how time flies whenever they’re around you.

Be genuinely happy for them

don’t ever give your friends the idea that you’re jealous of them, even if they’re doing better than you. Show them support when they have projects, genuinely celebrate their wins, and be happy for their success even if you wanted that achievement for yourself.

Love and respect them

open up your heart to your friends, show them love. Respect their boundaries and respect yourself as well and because respect is reciprocal, they will never have a reason to disrespect you.

Always be ready to forgive

always be ready to forgive

there must be disagreements in relationships, when these petty arguments happen, be ready to forgive quickly and forget as well. Don’t hold grudges or even worse keep reminding them of the wrong they did you 5 years ago.

Know when to say no

being a true friend doesn’t mean going out of your way to support things that seem wrong to you. Know when your boundaries have been crossed and say no to actions you’re not comfortable with. You never know, you may be saving your friend by dissuading them from doing a particular thing that could get them in trouble.

Don’t be selfish

when you’re in a relationship with people, don’t make everything about you. Don’t always want to call the shots. There must be a respectful agreement between every party involved. If you notice that you and your friends are always only engaging in activities that concern you, it’s time to change that narrative.

Accept them for who they are

acceptance plays a big role in friendship. Create a safe, non-judgmental space for your friends, and please stop trying to change them especially if who they are doesn’t pose any form of threat to you. Don’t try to make them be like you.

Express your feelings

feel free to always let your friends know how much they mean to you and tell them you love them. Also, don’t hesitate to let them know when they have done or said something wrong to you- this will keep unnecessary feelings of resentment away from your friendship.

Be helpful

always ask your friends if they’re okay or if they need anything. Some people find it hard to ask for help but when you ask, you make it easier for them to confide in you. When they tell you what they need, try your best to help them with it.

Get to know them

you should know and understand your friends on a deeper level. Know what they like and what they don’t like, their beliefs, and their challenges. Show them that you care by being interested in their lives and that you will be there no matter what.

Keep their secrets

resist the urge to repeat even a word your friend says to you to somebody else, even if you’re all in the same circle of friends. If your friend wanted the next person to know, they would have told them as well. Spilling your friend’s secret is one of the biggest forms of betrayal and can hurt your relationship badly.

Cheer them on

just a word of encouragement can do a lot for a person. When your friends are in a state of anxiety or depression, remind them of how strong and special they are. Always let them know that you believe in them and that they can do anything they set their hearts upon.

Make time and keep in touch with them

if your friends are always the ones calling you or making appointments to meet up, it will make them feel you’re not invested in the relationship and hence push them away. Make the time to go visit them or suggest fun things you can do together. Call them regularly even in your busy schedule, they will surely appreciate that and value your relationship even more.

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