Finding Inner Peace: 19 Trusted Ways To Reach Serenity

finding inner peace

Everything we do whether it is chasing wealth or trying to make one personal change or the other somehow still connects to us finding peace.

Peace is the most sought-after phenomenon and sometimes the desperate search for peace can make you make a mistake that takes it away even further.

Surveys show that a great percent of the world’s population don’t have peace or are still searching for true peace. How come what people want the most is what eludes them the most?

There are several reasons people don’t or even haven’t experienced true peace; it may be because of a mistake of the past or adversity that is being faced at the moment.

But hey, don’t get discouraged, there are also many approaches you can take to attain that state of serenity you need, both in the moment and in the long run, to live a healthy and mindful life. Here’s a list of trusted ways to do just that.

1. Love And Accept Yourself

You will find great peace when you start loving yourself just the way you are. Accept your past mistakes no matter how hard it may be and understand that you can’t change the past but you can compensate for it now by the actions you take and just doing the right thing

2. Let Love Lead You

As you learn to love yourself more, don’t forget that it only works if that love is extended to everyone. Let love be your principle, groom yourself to ensure that your first response to any situation is that of love and consideration.

3. Forgive

Some wrongs are just too hard to let go of, especially if you were betrayed by a person you had so much trust in. The even harder truth is that if you don’t let it go, you will never move on. Don’t let hurt or unnecessary grudges hold you back. Forgive and let go.

4. Have A Mindset of Gratitude

Instead of thinking about the negatives and all the things that have gone wrong, keep your mind focused on the things that you’re thankful for, family, friends, or your amazing partner. This will give you peace and always remind you that life isn’t so bad after all.

5. Ease Up

Try not to always rush, give yourself time to relax and restrategize. Most times people set unattainable goals and put an unnecessary load of pressure on themselves. Take it one at a time, pace yourself, and accomplish your goals slowly and steadily.

6. Speak Positively













Make positive affirmations every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed, or as many times as you can in a day. Remind yourself of how awesome you are and all the things you can achieve. Extend this also to the people around you.

7. Stop The Guilt Trip

The feeling of guilt is one of the easiest ways to lose your peace of mind. When you keep dwelling on what you could have done or couldn’t have done, you get trapped in a box of regret; it’s time to forgive yourself and start doing the right things.

8. Speak Up

Speaking up and letting your opinion known wherever you find yourself will give you a great deal of inner peace. When you fail to express your feelings, they will linger and remain with you. If you don’t say anything, nothing will be done; don’t ever be afraid to take a stand.

9. Be Confident

A lot of times people mistake being confident for being rude or aggressive, no it’s not. It’s about appreciating and believing in yourself and your abilities and not being afraid to show it. You can be very confident and still be the most polite person ever.

10. Be Meticulous About Your Health

Take good care of yourself and make sure your body is never neglected. Make sure you put your mental and physical well-being first, the effort you put into taking care of yourself is fulfilling and gives you a sense of peace.

11. Set Limits

Just living life without purpose and direction can cause restlessness and a lack of peace. Set goals for yourself, have a dream, and go after it. Have a working plan and execute it.

12. Get Rid of The Clutter

Unnecessary clutter can make you feel agitated whether it is a clustered mind or a house. Clean out your environment regularly and get rid of the stuff you don’t need, don’t forget to do the same to your mind.

13. Practice A Breathing Exercise

Sometimes the lack of peace can be overwhelming and make you feel like you’re drowning. A quick way to snap out of this is to breathe. Practice a breathing exercise and take deep breaths, this has been scientifically proven to be instantly soothing.

14. Spend More Time With Nature













Don’t stay locked up in your room, it’ll only make things worse. Go outside and enjoy nature and all the beautiful scenes it has to offer. Take some time away from clustered places and find serenity in the whistle of the gentle wind, the singing birds, and the rustling leaves.

15. Let Music Help You

Music is another way to bring your mind to a state of tranquility. You know the songs that get you there, listen to them. There are a plethora of soothing songs out there, it doesn’t have to be a particular kind of music, as long as you like it, it works.

16. Always Choose Optimism

No doubt that there is so much negativity all around the world but a person who can remain positive through it all has hacked the code of inner peace. Choose to be optimistic and happy about every opportunity and situation you come across.

17. Loosen Up

finding inner peace













Don’t take life too seriously, let go of all that uptightness. Have a sense of humor, have a happy countenance all the time, and be approachable. This will give you peace and help you maintain a youthful look.

18. Keep Track

Always keep track of your progress. Where are you at in the journey to finding your true self? Journals are a great way to help you do this. Write down your feelings and your thoughts, you can always refer to them and make changes where they’re needed.

19. Be Yourself

You won’t find peace if you’re not authentic. Make sure you are you in every single way possible. Don’t ever be somebody’s clone cause then you would be living a life that is peaceful to another person but not to you. Be original and find what real peace of mind means to you.


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