How To Be More Attractive: 7 Tips To Make a Woman More Irresistible

be a more attractive woman

What do men find attractive in women? You may find yourself asking this question all the time. Are you scared your man won’t or doesn’t find you attractive anymore? You may be wondering why men only get attracted to you for just a short period. Don’t bother about it. Truth is, many women have experienced this at some point.

If you feel like you may be the cause or you aren’t doing something right or If you just want to learn more about men’s behavior and interests to sharpen up your love life, then you are in the right place. I’ll give you 7 hot tips that I’ve learned about the things that make a woman more alluring, those things men find super attractive in women. Let’s dive in.

1. A Woman That Knows She is Sexy

how to be attractive

We all know women are more interested in alpha males, women love a man that is strong and can take charge of situations but so do men. While men love a woman who is sweet, gentle, and loving, they also love a woman who has power. Let me explain.

These days, people expect some level of conservation and reserve from women like those are the qualities that attract men to them but that is far from the truth. Men are actually attracted to women who know and show their sexual prowess. That kind of woman would be sure to have any man at her fingertips.

A woman that walks confidently on high heels with her head and shoulders high while swinging her hips, will turn heads wherever she goes. This kind of woman fascinates men and they are instantly captivated by that confidence.

A woman that is aware of her beauty and can use her sexual grit, a woman that knows her standards, that’s the kind of woman a man loves.

2. Make Him Feel Needed

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Ever heard of the Hero Instinct? It’s this interesting concept in psychology that has recently come to light. It explains the psychological reason why men fall in love and why men cling to women in the long run. Basically, the hero instinct makes a man want to be his woman’s hero. They have an innate desire to step up and take care of or protect them.

According to the hero instinct, these are the three things men aspire in life:

Living a meaningful life and being valued for their efforts

Caring for those in need, including family, friends, and especially their wives or partners.

Being respected by those around them.

Whenever you are with a guy, you will immediately realize that this is true. Although all men aren’t the same, they’re different but these 3 psychological motivations apply to every one of them.

The simple truth is that your man does not want to be a hero to everyone but he wants to be your hero. Women are naturally strong and can survive on their own but don’t let this strength overshadow your man.

Always make him feel needed like his presence matters a lot to you. Give him the ability to protect you and you will have a best friend in him. The main reason for the hero’s intent is this: instead of making your man feel worthless, you need to make him feel important, let him know that you feel safe whenever he is around.

This doesn’t make you vulnerable as a woman. You may not necessarily need a hero but make him feel and think he is one because his need to protect and provide for you comes from a genuine place.

3. Make Him Laugh

how to be attractive

Remember the saying “the funny guy always gets the girl” well the same goes for women. Everyone likes to be around people that can make them laugh and let off some steam including men.

It’s all about spending time together, playing around, and being happy. But if you can do all of that with him, he will love being with you. There’s no way around it. Make the time you spend with him fun and exciting. Laugh at even his not so funny jokes and most importantly, don’t be a killjoy when he is in a good mood.

If you enjoy telling jokes, this is an important tip. While telling jokes, try not to make fun of him, guys are a lot more emotional and sensitive than you think. It may make the time you spend with him awkward and push him away from you.

4. Be Confident

how to be attractive

“Be brave” – ​​I know, the good old cliche. If only you had a dollar for every time you heard that right? However, the reason it’s still so common is that it’s true. I mentioned how important it is to be aware of your sexuality earlier, you can’t do that without confidence.

When you are confident, you accept who you are and you are okay with being just you. Those who trust in themselves are not judgmental of both themselves and others. This means that your insecurities won’t be projected on to him and get in the way of a good time together.

If you are confident, you will be pleasant to be around. When you are happy with who you are, those around you are happy too. Honestly: A free, strong woman who accepts herself the way she is, is a keeper. No matter what society tells you, men want to be challenged.

Men want a woman who isn’t afraid to say anything not caring whose ox is being gored. If you want to get attention from a man, be confident, and embrace who you are.

5. Be A Good Listener

how to be attractive

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should listen to him just to avoid expressing how you feel or just because it will score you points with him. That would be very silly and exhausting.

What I’m saying is that many men lack confidence in themselves. They just don’t show it. Matter of fact they’re very good at hiding it. They believe nobody truly understands them for who they really are.

The best way to make a man feel wanted and secure is to pay good attention to him, listen when he speaks especially when he lets you I on his struggles and things that are emotional to him. Most times you don’t have to say anything, just make him understand that he’s heard.

Do you know what happens when he realizes that you are really listening to him? You will have his complete trust and he will feel safer opening up to you. Men will remain with anyone they think they can share anything with, that is rare so they wouldn’t want to lose that.

Expressing himself is how a man connects you. Make sure you listen to him, it allows him to keep the mask of courage that he is hiding from the world. If you can accept him for who he is, even after bearing his heart to you, he will fall deeper in love with you forever.

6. Men Love Intelligent Women

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Your mind is priceless, and improving your thinking skills, as well as your sharp thinking, is a trait that causes sexual arousal in men. Gone are the days when people despise books and if not, do you really want to be with someone who doesn’t find being intelligent sexy?

As a woman you have a lot more to offer to a man than just sex, come on girl, you are the complete package, the real deal. Don’t be afraid to show people that you are interested in learning something new.

You need to show your partner that you are a deeper person than they understand and connect with him mentally. He will forever respect you for that and appreciate the fact that when he needs an opinion or advice he can count on his woman. Putting how Intelligent you are out there is very respectable and sexy.

7. Always Be Cheerful

how to be attractive

Men love women who can play. There is no doubt about it. Nobody wants to be with someone who is serious around the clock. It can be a bit exhausting and uncomfortable.

It’s time to let the fun part out, play games, watch a comedy show together. Don’t ever be afraid of what others think of you. Laugh at your embarrassing moments, laugh at them, and have a good time.

Most men are interested in young women, but that does not mean that youth depends on age. It means being young at heart. Besides, it won’t only make the moments you share more fun, but your man will also feel more comfortable and safe when he’s with you.

It’s just a lot more relaxing when standing next to someone who doesn’t take everything so seriously? I’m sure it is. Don’t think you can’t be fun, everyone has a funny side to them, all you need to do is relax a little more and let it flow naturally.

Want to make your man attracted to you and you alone, want to make him committed for the long run? Then try these tips, don’t be shy to learn everything you need to know about the things that attract men psychologically and physically and make them fall head over heels for you. Always read up on and learn effective strategies that you can implement to have a successful relationship.