How To Keep A Strong Mindset During Tough Times

be resilient

You may naturally be a big fan of meeting goals and working on schedules and you may even work effectively as your own life coach.

You love to reflect on your future, where you want to be, and what you want to do. You may be that person that just loves the not-so-appealing side of soul searching that everybody else shies away from and you keep monitoring your behavior to do and be better.

You could have a powerful score system of your own; always the logical and objective one in the group. You set several goals and beat well over half of them. You know how to celebrate your little achievements and make more efforts not to down-play yourself, even though the internal critic comes out to play once in a while.

You may have all of these things going for you and you may have secured a balance in life but certain events that affect the world at large take place and throws everyone off, including you. In times like this, where do your goals and plans stand? Events like this can leave you feeling nervous and confused; then you know it’s time to rethink your policies which have guided you through periods of hardness in the past. Here are 5 fundamental principles that will keep you going and help you remember how strong you are.

1. Calm down, don’t worry

I know, I know, you’ve tried all your life and it just seems inevitable. The truth is; it actually is, humans are wired that way and it is natural for us to worry.  But letting yourself get confused and thinking the most horrific thoughts will only spark more terror.

There is a difference between worrying over an issue and analyzing it. It is crucial that you identify the things that set off excessive worry for you. Instead of completely removing the thought from your mind, it’s better to delay it. Take a certain moment from the day, a time you feel more relaxed, then think about your worries.

When you think of problems in a calm and relaxed state without panic and anxiety, you will likely come up with a solution.

Focus only on one topic at a time and think it through, ask yourself what could be the worst case? Try not to press on it and get sucked in but just reflect on your anxieties for a bit. Psychologists suggest that paying complete attention to your problems for about 25-30 minutes a day will naturally and slowly reduce them. This process is called habituation; your brain gets tired of processing these problems and eventually, they will no longer bother you.

What worry does is to present problems as if they are reality which throws you into a state of anxiety and panic. Resist this by relaxing your mind first and analyzing the situation properly.

2. Block out the negative voices

We all have definitely witnessed those incredible and rustic thoughts that cloud our minds in the middle of the night and takes sleep away from us, sometimes they come during the day and cause us to zone out and stare endlessly into space.

The more you hear those voices, the more your problems seem to be unconquerable. Your mind will become flooded with the “what ifs” and fear will take a hold of you. You should know that the voices you’re hearing are more about depression and fear of the unknown, the fear of things that are yet to happen than they are about actual problems.”

“You might get confused and think that you’re weighing your options, but your mind has been hijacked to make each problem look bigger than it actually is, and finding a solution begins to seem impossible. You need to be mindful of that overwhelming and troubling voice and understand that it can’t hurt you because it is only an exaggeration of what is going on.

3. Refer to your past victories

The past, they say, is a wealthy land. Recall that you have felt this way before but you got over it. Remember those times the problems you encountered even caused a positive change or inspired a great idea, you moved on just fine, right? Well, it’s the same as now.

The benefit of looking up past events is to let you understand how it turned out in the end, to remind you how you’ve been through tough times and how you’ve maintained your bravery and strength.

Think of those approaches you took that helped you rise above the situation. Your past is an amazing guide when it comes to realizing your strengths. When you think of previous incidents, you remember how well you came out of them. This is where journaling comes in handy; it helps you go back in time easily.

4. Take another look at your goals

The aim is to be totally aware of how you control your life and to move in the direction you want. It’s not just about setting goals; it’s about the actions you take as well. Set goals that are specific, functional, and achievable. Make sure they are also thrilling and don’t hesitate to reward yourself when you achieve them.

You must, of course, be enthusiastic about what you do so that you can find fulfillment in them. Be careful not to set too many goals, or none of them would be achieved. When you write down your goals, write down ways you plan to actualize them also. Continue to put your achievements in a journal and also ways your goals can be greatly beneficial to you in life.

5. Get back up

keep a strong mindset

This is the best part so far. The point of being strong is to be able to get through tough times. Some circumstances can make you stronger and you should try to look on the brighter side of every situation you face, how you come out of it matters the most. Be strong enough to get up and make moves that will bring about positive changes, take action. Always strive to enhance your adaptability. You have a lot to teach your own self and grow, you have a lot to learn from others as well. You’re going to become better and stronger, not only will you go back to being your former mentally established self but you will discover new amazing facts about yourself.

I hope you’re going to benefit from these strategies. They are necessary to help us get through uncertain times in life. Get back up and enjoy the new dawn that comes after the storm. Keep pushing and don’t relent, remain strong!