How To Make Him Fall In Love With You Again: 10 Powerful Tips

how to make him fall in love with you again

You’re in a loving and caring relationship, but you’ve been noticing some changes and all you can wish for is that he really desired you just like in the beginning.  Don’t worry about it, many people experience the same thing.

We can gradually become too comfortable over time, which can cause him to lose the original attraction he had for you at the start. Sex becomes more routine than spontaneous, and every day you talk about the same old things. That is a pit nobody wants to fall into.

It is up to you to make sure the sexual desire gets revitalized, you need to remind him of all the reasons why he could not stop wanting you at the beginning. Let’s take a look at why men lose interest and how you can rekindle the fire to make your man fall madly in love with you again.

There are several reasons why men lose their fire and desire for women. Of course, you know that both partners give their best output at the beginning stage of any relationship. In the newness of the relationship, you will make more efforts to show that you’re worth it.

But as time passes, you begin to go back to your regular self and slip back into your daily habits. This probably isn’t going to deter your man from loving you, but it’s surely going to affect stuff like your sex life and the romance.

To know whether you’re at that stage, look out for these signs in your man:

  • The compliments don’t flow in as much as they used to
  • He would rather be anywhere else than having a conversation with you
  • He doesn’t really care much for sex with you anymore

It’s never a good feeling when someone you love stops being about you or the relationship. Here are 10 solid tips to win your man back and make him crave you like never before.

1. Keep yourself up

At the beginning of the relationship, you wouldn’t even think to let him see you if you didn’t look your best. But now you don’t even bother with the skincare routines and the sexy home outfits anymore. It’s nice to have a relaxed feeling around your man, but you need to spice things up often to keep him excited, men can be easily distracted.

The common saying now is “he should love me for who I am” but if we’re being honest who you are now isn’t who you were at the beginning. You were the girl that was cautious of her looks and put in work to look appealing to him and all of a sudden you don’t put in any effort anymore, that’s not who he fell in love with. He fell in love with the first girl that always looked good, remember that.

2. Connect by touching

At the beginning of your relationship, you couldn’t keep your hands off each other, and now, nothing. Let’s say you do not have as much time as you did or the intimacy you had has been affected by the children and work, but physical touch doesn’t take much.

kiss him to welcome him or whenever he leaves, If he’s had a long day give him a hug? It’s the physical touch that lets him know you’re there for him. Touch appeals to emotions more than sex.

When he gets used to your touch being his comfort in times of need, he won’t ever want that to stop. Touch is powerful and it can lead to a long-lasting connection. Studies show that not only does touch bring comfort to the receiver; it can also have a positive effect on the person touching. So everybody wins.

3. Be spontaneous

It’s easy to get relaxed when you’ve been together for a while, the spontaneous, crazy dates that you used to go on suddenly stop happening.

Even in the bedroom, what used to be passion-filled love-making sessions have been reduced to time-efficient, maybe even planned sex, and now you’re only following a routine.

You need to mix things up a little to make a man yearn for you. You don’t have to go all out, but a little surprise every now and then will keep him on his toes; he will be very pleased.

He’s going to start looking forward to dates and sex, or he’s going to try bringing something new to the bedroom as well, and his fire for you will be reignited.

He will always wonder what you have planned next or what new trick you have to show him.

4. Use the mystery factor

You might find that you want to share more as time goes by and that you feel very comfortable around your partner. As you develop a bond of friendship with your man, you may want to share every little detail with him from the events at work to what is happening in the lives of your girlfriends.

This may be your way of forming a deeper bond with him and keeping him closer to you, but it can become a little too dry for most men.

This doesn’t mean he’s not interested in the stuff that’s going on in your life, but after a while, it begins to sound stale and repetitive. He’s going to get more interested when you start offering less information.

He’s going to want to find out the specifics of your escapades with your girls or how your day at work went.

5. Give him real compliments

make him fall in love

Men love being complimented just as much as women do; they love hearing you say all the lovely things you think or notice about them.

Men are very sensitive so be careful not to go overboard with the compliments in a way that it begins to sound like a lie.

When you compliment your man, it shows that you respect and admire him. It makes him feel good to know that you’re thankful for him and it raises his confidence.

6. Reflect the love you want to receive

The last thing you want to do is to have a dull countenance when you spend time with your man because you’re worried about him not being attracted to you anymore.

Instead, make sure you spend most of your time in the best and most fun way ever. Be the woman you were at the start, unconcerned, looking to have fun. Play around and laugh like you used to and notice how much fun the both of you will have.

Back then the talks you both had were fun and filled with passion, so try to bring that back instead of dull discussions every day. Nobody likes a sad person because you dump all your heaviness on them, people appreciate being around happy people who will lift their spirits. When you emit love and happiness, it will be felt and reciprocated.

7. Make him chase you

man in love with you

You may be wondering how, but this isn’t hard at all. It’s a lot easier than you know, there are ways to make your guy chase and yearn for you even in long-term relationships.

All you have to do is focus on your own life, just be busy and make sure you’re not at his beck and call.

If you’re always free to meet up or hang out, he can lose interest quickly. But if you let him know you’ve made your own plans every now and then, he’ll know that you’re independent and that you have better things to do than sitting around waiting for him.

Men are driven by their ego, tap into it. It’s appealing to men to see a woman doing her own thing, allow him to miss you once in a while.

8. Flow with him mentally

You’re going to need to attract him mentally and intellectually if it’s important for your guy to be physically attracted to you. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to go out and learn everything you need to know about his life or career so that you can make a huge impression on him.

A little light research on the things he is interested in or the people he admires will give you enough to get some facts into a conversation with him.

This is going to take your man by surprise and fascinate him, try to also enjoy yourself with his passions or activities he likes to participate in. Not only will it ignite his passion for you, but it will also make him want to spend more time with you.

9. Go back in time

Sometimes when you’re with him remember the good old days, those days you first started dating, go through old pictures with him. Reminding your man why he was for you in the first place will bring back all those good feelings and rushing excitement.

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine and forget how euphoric and stimulated we once felt when we first fell in love.

Take these old memories and use them to trigger your relationship, you can even revisit the crazy places you both went to at the beginning or repeat some of those fun-filled activities from back then. Your man will naturally start to crave you again in the process.

10. Let him know you’re desired

You should be careful with this one. Make sure you don’t make your man feel cheated on and don’t annoy him, however, a little bit of jealousy will do the trick and make him crave you.

When you get attention from other men, he will be aware that he has got competition out there, and he won’t have a choice but to step up his game.

Whenever you’re out with him, don’t hold back from a little eye contact or smile with the other guys around.

Don’t confuse this with flirting, but once your man sees other guys looking at you, he would realize that he has a desirable woman and the competitive side of him will come to play.

You may feel like your relationship has hit the rocks but there no need to worry about it just yet. You need to know what your man wants and how to deliver on it. Use these tips to make a few little changes and enjoy a new flame of passion in your relationship. You might even discover a crazy side to you that you never knew was there!