How To Stop Severe Worry And Anxiety

Worry and anxiety go hand in hand. These are feelings we can’t help most times, the fear of the unknown. In life we have a lot of questions we don’t know the answers to or aren’t sure about, the most common of them being the “what ifs”. These can cause panic and affect our lifestyle and well-being. Worry and anxiety can also be good for us because believe it or not they enhance our mental abilities; they are part of our nature as human beings.

Worrying too much, that’s where the problem is, it can become detrimental to your health. I will explain why and how it can be a problem for both your mental and physical health and also give you some tips on how to turn it around and make it beneficial to you.

Why Do We Worry?

As I mentioned earlier, getting worried is totally normal and every human being feels it from time to time. Everyone has episodes of anxiety at crucial stages for instance; presentations and interviews, in fact, any moment you relate to as important comes with a bit of anxiety. This happens because the brain recognizes that this particular incident can be life-changing either positively or negatively.

No matter the outcome of the event, the mind is already in that state and this is why the anxiety you feel towards a minor issue can be just as extreme as the one you feel towards major issues. As human beings worrying is part of the factors that bring out the most effort from us; when you worry about something, you put in more effort in achieving it.

When worrying becomes constant and excessive, that’s when it is problematic and begins to take a toll on your health. When it escalates to the point of you harming yourself to be distracted from the situation or when it becomes visible in your mental state and physical appearance that something is wrong, then it’s time to seek professional help.

You must detect it and curb it before it gets to that level. Thankfully, some techniques can help you stop worrying and show you how to use it to your advantage before it becomes a cancer in your life. You must know these tips so you won’t ever find yourself in a state of mental crisis.

How To Control Worry And Anxiety Before It Gets Out Of Hand

Anxiety won’t just go away on its own, instead, it will skyrocket to the worst form possible if you don’t take charge of it and deal with it. Of course, it’s easier said than done because at that moment it will feel like there is nothing you can do about it, you will feel helpless. But you’re not helpless; you just need to learn what to do to take back control of your mind whenever the feeling of anxiety creeps up on you.

Find the origin of your anxiety

Asking certain questions can help. Ask yourself what is really bothering you, why you feel that way, and when the anxiety began to escalate. It will help bring some clarity into the whole situation which will enable you to understand it better and begin to find your way around it.

Leave the past as it is

You have to understand that no matter how anxious you get, it won’t help the situation. What will help is the action you take so stop worrying about the things that you can’t control and focus on what you can handle. Don’t get stuck crying over spilled milk, put all that energy into moving forward and being better.

What’s next?

Think and analyze your next action, the best and worst things that could happen in that situation, and how to achieve which one you want. Make sure you also include a backup plan so things don’t get out of hand. People tend to process and respond to negative thoughts faster, it’s supposed to be a defense mechanism but it can be the danger itself. People will rather procrastinate than take action when they’re in a rough situation. Instead of doing this, get active, strategize, and find a way out.

Breathe and meditate

For centuries, meditation has been a great tool for stress relief. There are so many meditation and breathing exercises that could help you calm your mind in the moment of anxiety. These exercises are very effective and begin to work almost immediately.

Refer to past experiences

Think back to the other times you’ve worried, remember that it was just a phase and you got over it, as a matter of fact, you’re in a better place than you thought you would be. When you remember this, you would be relieved and you will be assured that it will pass just like it did before.

Finally, we put a lot of energy into worrying the same way we use energy for every other thing. You can transform that energy and make it yield something positive to you. Instead of letting worry take over you, take all that energy to do something creative like writing down your fears; a lot of great authors started like this.

Use all the passion you feel at the moment to get into an activity and try to be great at it. The meditation and breathing exercises could even teach you how to master your thoughts and emotions. You can use this period of anxiety to learn a new skill or get better at a pre-existing one.

You can see that worrying is a two-way thing. You can either be consumed by it or you can come out of it way better than you’ve ever been. You can’t stop the feeling of worry, it’s a natural phenomenon but you can use it to your advantage. Allow yourself to feel and understand your emotions; that doesn’t make you a weak person. Accept them and work with them and see how much stronger you will become mentally. Don’t let anything stop you from being alive in your mind, body, and soul, especially worry.