Keeping A Long Lasting Marriage: 15 Tips To Keep Your Marriage Exciting

keep your marriage strong and exciting

A new marriage is exciting and very passionate. Just the idea of having a spouse alone gives you a gripping feeling and feels your stomach with butterflies. The truth is that the honeymoon phase of marriage has a timeline and will eventually come to an end.

Things begin to get more serious especially when kids come into the picture and if care isn’t taken you will only be coexisting with your partner. It is also quite easy to get too comfortable and allow your marriage to become stale and uninteresting. The good news is that you can start making your marriage exciting again by introducing some of these tips into your relationship.

1. Make Your Marriage Your priority

A busy work schedule and children can distract you so much and make you shove your relationship with your spouse to the side. Try not to get sucked into all the business, create the time to work on your marriage. Do whatever works for you and your partner, whether it’s a long walk on the beach or a full-on vacation.

2. Compliment Your Partner

compliment your partner

Don’t ever let your partner forget how much you love and appreciate them. Tell them all the great things you love about them and sometimes, use small gestures to show them. Buy them a small gift or cook a special meal. This will awake the romance in your relationship even if you have been together for so long.

3. Do Spontaneous Things

Don’t be afraid to do something daring with your partner. Get yourself out of that boring routine and do something out of the norm. Take unscheduled trips or go sky diving together, spontaneity keeps your marriage fresh.

4. Don’t Forget The Mystery Factor

Keep the mystery alive if you want your relationship to last long. Don’t share everything or every secret. Have your personal space and let your spouse have theirs as well. it gets boring very fast when they know and have seen everything.

5. Give More

Whenever you can afford it, give your spouse a treat. Open up your heart to your partner and be willing to make sacrifices for them. Let them know that they’re special and that you’re happy to spoil them at any time.

6. Show Gratitude To Them

Honestly, it’s quite easy to start taking things for granted when you’ve been in a long-term relationship. But the little things like “please” and “thank you” go a very long way in keeping your marriage alive. When you acknowledge even the small gestures, it makes your spouse feel appreciated and cherished.

7. Spend Quality Time together

If you want to keep the fire burning in your marriage, you must spend quality time together. However, keep it fun. Plan a romantic getaway or date nights at different restaurants.

8. Keep the intimacy alive

Try to keep your marriage sexy, and not only In the bedroom. Don’t just begin to see each other as best friends and allow that to take away the sexual attraction. Always look for new ways to spice things up and don’t forget to tell your spouse how just looking at them drive you crazy.

9. Kiss and touch more

Don’t let the physical attraction in your marriage wash out. You don’t necessarily have to always be in the mood to get down on the sheets but make kissing and touching your spouse a habit. Kiss them before they go out and when they come home, give them warm hugs that just lets them know you’re there for them.

10. Pay Attention To Them

pay attention

Give your full attention to your partner when they speak, put that phone down. When a person feels heard by you, they will always come back to you to share their thoughts whether good or bad. And while you listen to them, ask questions, be interested in whatever they’re speaking to you about. This will bring your spouse closer to you.

11. Say Sorry When You’re Wrong

If you want your marriage to last long then this is very important. You must be able to admit your wrongs and apologize for them. Always show kindness to your spouse, don’t let them be the “bigger person” all the time, this can push them away from you.

12.Be Honest About Financial Matters

According to statistics, the most common cause of divorce next to cheating is financial issues. Be honest with your spouse about your finances, both of you can even make budgets together. Whatever it is, let them know the truth.

13. Stop Sweating The Small Stuff

Some offenses are too little to make a big deal out of them. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean keep quiet and put up with everything. If it’s a reoccurring mistake by all means mention it so it can be corrected but don’t nag about non-issues all the time.

14. Help Each Other

Go ahead and help your partner out with some chores, they will greatly appreciate it. Leaving one partner to do everything on their own will get them tired and that tiredness can turn into some sort of resentment for you with time. Helping your spouse out with some work will show them that you care about them.

15. Display Your Affection Publicly

Kissing and holding the hands of your spouse shouldn’t be done only just the both of you. Show them you’re proud of them and you want the world to know it. Hold their hand in public and kiss them. Don’t hold back on that PDA.

If you want to keep your marriage strong and exciting for decades, you must be willing to put in all the work involved. First, know that marriage is not a walk in the park, it can get hard sometimes and even happy couples will have arguments from time to time.

Be open-minded, keep the passion alive, and don’t be afraid to accept change. Your marriage will keep evolving and your needs will keep changing, support each other, and create a non-judgmental space to grow together and become an unbreakable team. Use the tips above to make your marriage stronger and keep your marriage alive.