The Fight Against Depression: 12 Ways To Deal With It

overcoming depression

Being sad every now and then is totally normal but when it becomes persistent or regular and affects your daily output then it has become a clear case of depression. There are different types of depression, the most common is clinical depression also called “major depression”.

Sadly depression is a very common problem, 1 in every 3 persons ends up being depressed or going through depression at a point in their lifetime. Some symptoms of depression include

  • Feeling miserable and dejected for a long time
  • Low self-esteem
  • Never being enthusiastic about a new day
  • Loss of appetite or intense cravings
  • Outrageous and unhealthy weight loss or gain
  • Restlessness and being easily triggered
  • Lack of concentration
  • The worst of all, thoughts of suicide

Depression can frustrate you and leave you feeling empty and discouraged. It can be treated with medicine but there are some lifestyle changes and small actions that can improve your mental well-being and help you deal with it. Here are some tips that can help you overcome depression.

fighting depression

1. Do things that make you happy

When you feel depressed, it may feel impossible to snap out of it. You lose interest in activities and even breakdown but you can start doing something you enjoy doing like taking a walk,  cooking, or getting creative in one way or another and you will notice that gradually your mood will begin to lighten up.

2. Make achievable goals

In order to fight depression and not discourage yourself, start by setting small goals and accomplishing them. Don’t make a long list filled with unrealistic tasks, this might be overwhelming and you may end up doing nothing at all. Start by finishing these smaller tasks one after the other and in time you will be pleased to find that you have reached your goal.

3. Love and Accept yourself

This can seem very hard especially if you blame yourself for a certain mishap. You should know that in a world of over 7 billion people, you’re not alone and there are so many other people that are in similar situations. When you realize this, you will start being more comfortable and happy with whom you are.

4. Spend more time with loved ones

A person going through depression is prone to self-isolation, resist that urge, and go spend time with your loved ones instead. If your family and friends are far away, you can call them and have conversations with them. This can be very helpful and can leave you feeling refreshed.

5. Try to see things differently

A depressed person always gets wrapped up by negative thoughts; almost every incident somehow ends up being translated as distasteful in his mind. Try to always observe the beauty In things when you look around. Always tell yourself the opposite of these negative thoughts and actually believe it because guess what? Most times that’s the truth, you only can’t see it yet.

6. Reward yourself

This doesn’t necessarily mean having a full-on celebration. Acknowledging and recognizing your accomplished goals go a long way. Stop being so hard on yourself and pat yourself on the back or go out and get yourself something that you like. Feel good about your achievements and encourage yourself to be even better, it keeps depression far away from you.

7. Try something new

Doing the same thing over and over can be very unsatisfying and can make the brain dull. Try challenging yourself by doing something new. Just like buying new clothes or new shoes can be very exciting, so can engaging in new activities. Go to places you’ve never been to or start a new creative project. You never know, you may find a new hobby.

8. Find something to anticipate

Research has shown that looking forward to an exciting event can boost your mood and put you in high spirits. Stop expecting the worst to happen every time. Whenever you feel down, schedule something interesting so you can have something fun to look forward to in the future.

9. Don’t bottle up your emotions

Sometimes it may feel like hiding the way you feel or not letting out your emotions is a show of strength and courage. The truth is it is unhealthy and will only lead to more self-loathing. Express your feelings, write about them, cry if you need to but don’t remain there. That can help you fight against depression, pick yourself up and move on.

10. Occasionally say good things to and about yourself

When that voice with the negative thoughts pops up in your head, feel free to oppose it. Start by realizing you’re an amazing person and actually voicing it out. Think of your good qualities even the physical ones and say them to yourself. Say things like, “I am dependable” or “I have really beautiful eyes” to yourself and feel good about it. You can write down things you love about yourself and feed your mind with them every day instead of the horrible things you’re used to telling yourself.

11. Understand that things won’t always be the way they are

One thing that is constant in life is change. Although when you’re depressed, it’s easy to get stuck in the moment and feel like that is where the world begins and ends. It’s easy to forget that you’ve had better times in the past and that things could still change for better in the future. Always remember that there are greater times ahead and look forward to them.

12. Get medical help

If you feel the symptoms of depression, consider getting professional help. A specialized doctor can analyze your symptoms and help you get the medical treatment you need. It may be traditional medicine or alternative. They will help you come up with the right treatment plan and work closely with you to ensure your mental well-being.

If you are depressed, you may feel as though you will never get better. Depression can be very difficult to overcome but talk to somebody about it. It’s treatable and a person who has recovered will feel very liberated. Use these tips to start changing your life and feeling great.