Yoga Is Sport; Yoga is Fitness?

You can Cultivate the body through Iyengar Yoga.

Yoga can be adapted and can be applied, depending on the character of the person, to a more sporting practice, to a practice of physical cultivation, but it can also be applied to a therapy, to a medicine.

Yoga can be practiced as an art, it can be practiced as a philosophy of life, it can be practiced as a religion, it can be practically done, whatever one wants.

Because the expression of yoga depends on who practices it, yoga has no limitation in that sense. That is why I said, according to the belief of each one, believe or not, in the soul or in the spirit, whether or not they are materialistic….

But what can be ignored is that we all have a body, we all have emotions, we all have thoughts, and although we do not feel them, they are there, and the thoughts manifest directly in our body, they manifest themselves in our mood. and chemically speaking.

So, those relationships that cannot be denied today, as it is a reality, are all put into practice. If you are an athlete, yoga is a sport, but if you are a philosopher, yoga is a philosophy.